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Madeline Greenberg M.A.: Energy Therapy: A Spiritual Approach to Emotional Healing

Call: 212-777-5658


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Alternative Healing Resources

Pranic Healing

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

The Tapping Solution
Emotional Freedom Techniques

Wise Woman Healing Ways
Robin Rose Bennett

New York City Spirit
Enlightened Urban Living

Pranic Healing
Master Choa Kok Sut Pranic Healing

Alternatives for Healing
Alternatives for Healing is now a global holistic directory so you can find products, books, and magazines.

Alternative Medicine
Start receiving the best source for alternative medicine news and healthy tips.

International Association For Energy Healers

*Terry Greenstein*
Rabbi Terry Greenstein of Sharon Massachusetts.

New York Resources

Chamber of Commerce
Manhattan Chamber of Commerce

New York City
Quick and easy access to information about New York City agencies, programs and services.

The Official New York City Guide to NYC Attractions, Dining, Hotels, and things to do.



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