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Madeline Greenberg M.A.: Energy Therapy: A Spiritual Approach to Emotional Healing

Call: 212-777-5658

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Serving The Metropolitan NYC Area Since 1984
And Providing Distance Healing Too

At last! An innovative approach to therapy that saves you
time and money- one that actually works!
Powered By the Holy Spirit

Advanced Clinical Expertise Integrated With Intuitive Gifts

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I am a holistic therapist and healer. In the more than thirty-five years that I have been in practice, I have found a way to integrate conventional clinical practices - including talk therapy - with “energy medicine” methods for the body and soul. On the conventional side, I have two Master’s degrees in psychology and have done extensive doctoral work in clinical psychology. Energy work is offered through experiential, hands-on, body centered methods: Reiki, Pranic Life Force Healing, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Gestalt expressive practices, such as making crayon drawings, anger release, and role play.

Energy Therapy is gentle yet very powerful. It gets to the heart of a problem quickly and painlessly. Working both interactively with you and intuitively, I can help you find and address the unconscious sources of your problems. Working with a mostly silent therapist who is not intuitive or spiritual leaves many people feeling lonely. However, working in the presence of The Divine and Guardian Angels, we are never alone.

Emotional healing occurs when you experience the magnificence of your spirit – divine, precious, and uniquely created

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Early childhood hurts and confusions produce a shadow on the shining light of the whole being. Effective therapy removes and resolves these blocks. Live with confidence and joy! My desire is to help YOU reach your full potential. I believe that each of us in made in the image and likeness of God.


Energy Therapy’s healing process is a holistic way of reducing tension from your mind and body, releasing your inner energy from blocks and giving you the drive you need to feel and function like yourself again. This alternative, holistic approach to healing is 100% natural and good for your mind, body and spirit. Located in Manhattan NY, distant healing is available. We can work anywhere by phone. Clients across the nation have been helped by this intuitive method. 



Contact Me


No texts, please.
Just phone calls.


I will answer your phone call within 24 hours and I am happy to answer questions about the services provided. When you call, we can talk – at no charge - for about 15 minutes to see if we are a good fit. I have offices in Manhattan, and phone work is also available even if you live at a distance or travel frequently.


Effective Help For Your Problems


Effective Help For Your Problems


• Anxiety • Depression • Abuse
• Addictions • Relationships • Careers
• Creativity • Self-Esteem • Alienation
• Eating Disorders • Spiritual Crisis
• Finding One's Purpose in Life


My listening hands find and fix your unspoken traumas

My listening hands find and fix your unspoken traumas

“My friend and colleague, the most amazing healer!
Madeline is the one I turn to when I have a problem
and I’ve been a therapist for over 40 years.”
Joan Goldberg, L.C.S.W., Brooklyn


Getting to your core with the NY Emotional healing and NY Holistic healing is the right way of stress therapy. Your healing will be deep to help cure any emotional or physical problems you've been facing. The Manhattan NY Integrated healing process is great for everyone because it is a safe, warm and confidential place for you to talk through your problems and sort out issues to come up with a resolution and root of the problem.

Thank you for visiting my website. I have practiced holistic healing and integrated healing in the Manhattan NY area since 1984. Many who have not been helped by other therapists have found relief with my alternative healing methods at my Manhattan holistic healing office.


Disclaimer: My graduate education in clinical psychology has been extensive but I find myself philosophically set apart from certain
psychotherapy treatment methods. Consequently, I am not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist and I do not prescribe psychiatric medications.
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