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Madeline Greenberg M.A.: Energy Therapy: A Spiritual Approach to Emotional Healing

Call: 212-777-5658

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Nature Walks With The Angels of Plants

Every plant has its own energy patterns and vibrations. It is these patterns and vibrations that make up the bottled flower essences that you buy in stores. In the bottling procedure, you have to rely on other people to pick, process and sell the plants you are interested in. However, it is possible to learn how to experience living flower essences first hand and establish your own personal relationship with plants. This is how it is done in shamanic societies, where people live close to nature and are in constant contact with the plant world. In our society too, a tradition has developed among some in which these essences are perceived as intelligent beings - or angels - with whom we can communicate. The angels of living plants help us to connect to themselves and their plants. We can request and receive healing from plants in a personal way, without the bottles and without the middlemen. The healing can be physical, emotional or spiritual. Sometimes just making the connection is all the healing that is needed. For city or suburban dwellers like ourselves, this kind of relatedness to nature is sorely needed. Without it, we can become alienated from our bodies, and feel empty and lost in our heads. However, it is impossible to feel alone or unloved when you open yourself up to the world of living plant intelligence!

Through guided meditations, I have been showing people how to have encounters with the angels of plants since 1982. There is really nothing mysterious or difficult about this. It is an easy and enjoyable way to make some surprising discoveries, have fun, and take part in a group activity in the outdoors. I have given these walks through the NY Open Center, and on my own, in various locations.

The walks take place Saturday and Sunday at midday in parks in the NYC area. We meet in places that are easy to get to, beautiful, and safe. The suggested donation is $20.00.

I am also available to meet with private parties in locations of their own choice, for a negotiated fee.

Call Madeline at 212 777 5658 for more information, or email

Healing with Angels of Plants for Individuals

Working one on one, my clients and I go to a park and find just the right tree or flower to heal the needs of the moment, which we do in company with the angel of the plant. Whereas the group walks are designed to introduce people to the angels of plants collectively, the individual sessions provide an opportunity for a private and confidential resolution of emotional and spiritual problems. The client is supported in experiencing herself/himself in a deep and authentic way, as someone who is in a nurturing relationship with a particular plant ally, and by extension, with the whole plant kingdom. Using guided meditations, I help the client connect her emotional needs with the helpful essences of the plants around her. The usual experience is a deepened sense of self acceptance, a release of negativity and an influx of positive energy

Example: Lindsey [not her real name] was distraught after her marriage of ten years ended in a divorce. A successful businesswoman, she was now feeling at a complete loss – she doubted her strength and competence, she felt cut off from her spirituality, and she was out of touch with her feminine beauty. Lindsey felt her divorce ended her life and could not imagine carrying on as a businesswoman or dating again. We entered a large park in the metropolitan area and were quickly led by intuition to a sturdy oak tree. Lindsey embraced the tree and let her feelings of weakness flow into it and the ground, while she absorbed the tree’s strength and identified with it as her own. I aided her with guided meditations to facilitate the process. Her slumped posture straightened and color was restored to her cheeks. Next, Lindsey was drawn to a grove of white pine trees and let their subtle, sweet vibrations quicken and restore her spiritual awareness. By this time, her mood had shifted from destroyed to calm and hopeful. Lindsey then said that she wanted to polish up her feminine image. We walked about until we found an assertively radiant bird of paradise plant growing in a pot. Its showy orange and purple petals stimulated Lindsey to feel confident about herself as an attractive woman, and she talked about meeting new men. As she freshened up her lipstick, we agreed that this had been a successful session.


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