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“You are indeed a blessing to me. God is not only using you to counsel me but He is also using you to minister to my soul and to destroy the yoke of bondage that I have been entangled in ever since I was a child. I thank you and I appreciate you!”M.S., Queens, N.Y.

“Dearest Madeline, How can I possibly thank you enough for giving me the greatest gift of all — me — my love for myself. I am giving you this gift, which my grandmother made for me a long time ago. Words cannot express my gratitude for the wisdom and light you have brought to my life…”S.E., NYC.

“I am writing to thank you for my new life. Thanks to the therapy we did together, I was able to move to a place I really love, find success in my career, and best of all, I am truly happy with my new partner.”A.S., California

“I am enclosing a photo of my new baby, with deepest thanks to you. If we had not done our marvelous healing work together, I would not be with my husband and would not have had this wonderful child.”L.S., California

Statement of Purpose

Find your true self — the divine within you! Early childhood hurts and confusions produce a shadow on the shining light of the whole being. Effective therapy removes and resolves these blocks. Live with confidence and joy! My desire is to help YOU reach your full potential.


Every blade of grass has its Angel that bends over it
and whispers, “Grow, grow.”
The Talmud


Calling in the angels. I believe that each of us is made in the image and likeness of God. That image is holy, radiant, powerful and good. It has a purpose, uniquely given to each of us. When we live in that purpose – powered by the energy of the God given self within us and aided by our angels – our lives are full and have meaning. Life often obscures that radiance from us, whether by harsh events from the outside or our own bad choices. My purpose is to live out the self I have been given, as a healer of emotional wounds, and as one who helps others become restored to wholeness. I would like to have the opportunity to extend that purpose to meet your needs.

What is Healing with Energy Therapy?

Your divine spirit is central to your healing. This core belief combines conventional clinical methods, including talk therapy, in an integrative way with exquisitely gentle yet powerfully penetrating methods. Your healing can be deep and rapid, although everyone goes at their own pace, since every treatment is individually crafted. Since 1984, I have had considerable experience in helping people with a wide range of emotional problems. This approach has often worked for others even when previous therapies have not.

Energy therapy is similar to other therapy approaches in that it is a safe, warm, confidential place for you to talk about and find answers for a full range of difficulties. Your emotions, thoughts, actions, and lifestyle are all important and are all addressed with care.

What is different: the vision of your spirit. You are seen as made in the image and likeness of your Creator. You are perceived for what you really are underneath the problems that you carry with you: a being that is divine, precious and unique. Think of the sun — always bright and always shining — even when hidden by clouds. Your spirit is like the sun, always bright and powerful, even when obscured by dark emotions. When the clouds are removed from your spirit, you can reach your goals in love and work more easily. This essential validation of you often allows the healing process to go deeper, faster, and more comfortably than in other therapies.

In addition, working with Reiki and Pranic Life Force Healing techniques, I can quickly discern where specific negative energies are holding you back in your energy field, remove them and replace them with exactly the right kind of positive energies that your chakras, your aura, and your spirit need. Tapping with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) works quickly to diminish the intensity of traumatic experiences, reduce phobias and addictions, and bring blocked emotions up to conscious awareness.

Emotional healing occurs when you experience the magnificence of your spirit – divine, precious, and uniquely created. When you are put in touch with the beauty and power of your spirit, you can overcome situations that formerly defeated you. Misery, turmoil and meaninglessness begin to resolve.

What Can Energy Therapy Do For Me?

You may be amazed to discover that you are becoming the person you always hoped you were, possessing qualities you never dared dream of owning. In a shared sense of sacred trust, a meeting of minds and spirits, you journey to the divine within you. Together we discern your potentials and the root of the difficulties that block them from emerging. While we acknowledge all the complexities of circumstances and character that contribute to your present difficulties, we have a secure and dynamic base from which to proceed.


How It Works

Building on a base of standard clinical practice, I add a highly developed intuition and energy awareness. This holistic, mind/body/spirit therapy goes beyond talk. I use Reiki, a gentle healing technique. The name is Japanese and it means the union of universal life force energy with individual energy. It is a safe, simple, and non-intrusive healing method. Reiki’s exquisitely light energy fills the client with calm and well-being, supporting them as they face even their darkest shadows. In addition, I utilize expressive movement, inner child work, role play, hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Techniques to dissolve phobias, traumas, and blockages and to release creativity.

Perhaps your deepest need at the moment is for your soul to be heard, held, and understood. In that case, I simply sit and listen with my whole being and reflect back to you the essence of what I hear and see. A typical session starts with conversation in which I am listening to your words, your subtle energies, and your potentials. Various paths open up after that. While I may make suggestions, the choice is always yours about what direction to take.

My listening hands find and heal your traumas. Perhaps you need a deeper level of being known, one that comes from energy work. If this interests you, I would then run my hands over your energy field. In this energy scan, I am discerning more about you and learning how life has impacted you. You are fully clothed while I do this and most people experience a pleasant sense of peace and relaxation as their energy field is stroked, soothed, and listened to. Guardian angels and other spiritual presences are frequently noted and included in the healing process. Using my intuition, I may discover physical or emotional wounds from long ago or the recent past. Emotions like fear, sadness and anger may be stored in particular parts of the body, and they become the energetic platform for dysfunctional emotional defenses, which may also cause physical problems. I can find out where in your body you hold the emotions that are a problem to you, and we develop an understanding of the patterns of thinking and behavior that you have built atop those emotions. As my discretion leads me, I may share with you what I am discovering, and we can begin to process and heal it.

Intuitive discovery is followed by solid recovery. Energy therapy has two stages, discovery and recovery. In discovery, you experience your divine essence and you find out what your issues are. If you have a personal belief in a Higher Power – whatever it might be – that can become a positive strength upon which we build. Therapy supports you in accepting all aspects of yourself. You will also be assisted by the guidance of my intuitively derived insights, based both on talking with you and on ‘scanning your energy field.’ You are then in a position to choose other ways to deal with those energies and patterns.

In recovery, we may work with any one of a number of various techniques to help you resolve the emotions, thoughts, and behavior patterns that were causing you difficulty. We may simply talk. Or you might want to release pent up emotions through expressive activities such as role play, inner child processes, making drawings, yelling, punching cushions, and more. Or I may bring the direct healing power of Reiki and Pranic Life Force Healing to the places in your body where you hold the emotions that are a problem for you, depending on your comfort level. You can go as the spirit moves you. Then, as you process your shift in awareness and energies, you will feel free to try on new ways of relating to yourself, your goals, and to the people in your life. You emerge from the session with relief, freedom, and a brand new sense of who you are and what you can do.

Can Energy Therapy Help Me?

This approach has been very helpful for individuals needing help with:
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Abuse
• Addictions
• Eating Disorders
• Relationships
• Creativity
• Self-Esteem
• Careers
• Finding one’s purpose in life
• Spiritual crisis
• Alienation

Can Energy Therapy Help Us — Couples, Families, Groups?

Yes, since energy patterns can be seen and sensed as they flow among people. I can help couples, families, and groups become aware of stuck patterns and how to release blockages. And I can assist them by recognizing and appreciating what their emotional strengths are, which then becomes a basis for building better relationships. I can counsel your family, work or social group. Group therapy is also available for individuals who want to work with others in order to change self-destructive or limiting life patterns.


“Lilly” [Real names are not used. Details have been altered to protect the clients’ identities.] came to therapy as a pale, thin young woman who looked like a strong wind could blow her over. She was so nervous that she said she had an anxiety attack on her way to my office for the first time. Lilly complained of having no boundaries and feeling everybody’s emotions as if they were her own — which drained her — but she was not in touch with her own feelings. She was also having trouble deciding what to do with her life, and had frequent pain in her back. After talking with her, I did an energy scan and sensed that she carried considerable anger in her back. Telling her my finding liberated her to become aware of feeling anger towards her overbearing father. At the second session, she looked like a different person: rosy cheeked and with a light in her eyes. She confided a secret desire for a career path that her parents were not enthusiastic about. By the third session, she touched on more difficulties with her parents, and at the fourth session, she was able to own and express the anger she had formerly pushed behind her, literally, into her painful back. She then accepted my invitation to pound a cushion, letting out more of her anger, and finding her own voice in the process. As Lilly accepted her anger, much of her anxiety lifted, and the back pain disappeared. Holding in her anger had also made her weak. She had a pattern of appeasing her parents by making her desires and her identity disappear, which dissolved her boundaries. Before therapy, she had felt too afraid of her parents’ disapproval to choose a career path that she truly wanted. At the end of the third session, her stance had become grounded and her presence was full. Lilly looked ready to take on the world. In subsequent sessions, when anxieties arose again, the soothing touch of Reiki steadied her and brought life affirming power to her stuck places.

“Don” and “Alison” come for counseling because they argue frequently. An “odd couple,” they are worlds apart in social style and background. Both have hurt each other deeply over the years they have been together and have childhood hurts as well. Alison gets angry at Don when he will not give her the conversation she wants, which makes him withdraw even more. As I listen to them bicker, I pay attention to the flow of energy between them and within each one. They appear enmeshed in each other, seeking support and validation from the other in ways that weaken both themselves and the other. I suggest ways they can each strengthen their individual energy sources and balance the exchange of energy between them. The couple then begins to sit closer together in the session, hold hands and smile more at one another, and report fewer fights at home. Empathy for and appreciation of the other begin to appear, and they are on their way towards finding a more stable and harmonious relationship with each other.

Healing with Plants

It is impossible to feel alone or unloved when you open yourself up to the world of living plant intelligence! Since 1982, I have been giving nature walks in which I introduced city people (just like myself!) to wild plants as sources of food, medicine and emotional healing. This included workshops dedicated to discovering the angels of plants through guided meditations, and individual healings using living flower essences. Yes, we call in the angels of plants! Working one on one, my clients and I go to a park and find just the right tree or flower to heal the needs of the moment, which we do in company with the angel of the plant. The client is supported in experiencing herself/himself in a deep and authentic way, as someone who is in a nurturing relationship with a particular plant ally, and by extension, with the whole plant kingdom. Group workshops are also available.


Clients are assured complete privacy under the law. What you say here, stays here. Your name will not be sold to any mailing list. Since I do not deal with insurance agencies, your personal information is protected against the prying eyes of insurance company clerks.

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